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ORAC n.v., a Belgian company, was established in 1970 and pioneered the use of high-pressure casting of foamed polyurethane in its production process. This method has proven to achieve a perfectly smooth surface, clear pattern definition on the profile, while maintaining the accuracy of all geometric proportions. Currently, not every manufacturer of decorative moldings can achieve such quality, as the technological process for the production of decorative elements is considered quite rare. Casting molds are made of steel with a fluoroplastic coating, which are themselves expensive and complex to manufacture, but thanks to these components, ORAC n.v. guarantees the excellent quality of its products, 100% accuracy of element joints, compliance with all quality standards, and durability of products.

Orac n.v. offers a vast assortment, which can be seen in the collections: ORAC LUXXUS, ORAC AXXENT, ORAC BASIXX, Ulf Moritz, and ORAC n.v.

ORAC LUXXUS – unique decorative moldings that embody all the best that humanity has accumulated and drawn from cultures over the centuries and now calls - classics. Decorative elements in the collection are made of polyurethane foam and were created from historical originals from different eras. In the collection, you can find not only cornices and moldings, but also ceiling panels, lamps, niches, library systems, and much more. With the help of decorative elements of the ORAC LUXXUS collection, you can breathe new life into the interior, harmoniously connecting or dividing the space, emphasizing the elegance of the chosen architectural style and filling it with a special grace. The presence of flexible elements allows you to achieve complex configurations and emphasize bends or arched openings in the design of the room.

ORAC AXXENT – the collection is made of a modern material called duropolimer. The affordability of this collection allows it to be used not only in residential premises, but also in public and entertainment venues. The ease of installation of products, environmental friendliness and the possibility of painting the surface of the product with any paints allows the designer's potential to unfold and find a suitable option.

ORAC BASIXX – a young collection that has become an addition to the above-mentioned collections. It has found its buyer among the younger generation due to the restraint and conciseness of the pattern on the profile.

Ulf Moritz – a world-renowned Dutch designer. He is the creator of this exclusive and perfect collection in the field of decorative moldings. 3D models are a know-how that allows you to make any simple surface completely filled and interesting. The play of shadows, light, various lines and curves turned simple elements into a dynamic composition that attracts like a magnet.

ORAC DECOR collections are the best alternative to gypsum moldings today. Resistance to mechanical stress, ease of installation of products, withstands temperature changes, modularity of products - will serve any interior for more than one year and bring airiness, reliability and confidence to it!

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