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Rectangular decorative elements adjacent to the wall surface resemble a column in appearance. A sophisticated and sophisticated style is created in the interior, hiding some stiffness and making the interior softer and more romantic. Ease of installation allows you to install pilasters in any room. They consist of three parts - the bottom is the base of the pilaster, the middle is the body of the pilaster, the top is the capital, which has a pattern corresponding to different architectural orders (Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Composite, Corinthian). The pilaster helps to divide the space, decorate doorways, niches, fireplaces).

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Name Quantity
Молдинг Gaudi Decor CR 693 (2.40м) Молдинг Gaudi Decor CR 693 (2.40м) × 245 = 490 UAH
Total: 1234 UAH
Stucco decor
Window sills
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